Lee Wraith

Lee Wraith / Dashikter

Lee has stepped up to the plate as owner/label boss at Blue Panda Records. After S35 Records ended suddenly he wanted to take things into his own hands and take a chance on creating a fresh label where good house music can be found.

A self confessed geek and tomato soup lover, Lee Wraith has been djing and producing behind a variety of monikers including Mr Hijinx and Dashikter for a number of years, but is now stepping out under his own name to take some of the richly deserved limelight that tracks like his last, ‘Surrender’, will surely bring him.

Having a voracious appetite for a large number of musical genres he firmly doffs his cap to 80’s electronic stalwarts Depeche Mode, OMD, Kraftwerk and Sheffield’s finest, Human League and Heaven 17, citing them as the primary reason for his journey into music making. Initially he was excited by the sounds he heard and when his curiosity got the better of him he decided to find out how they were made. Now he makes those sounds himself, only heavier and funkier.

Lee slammed straight into 2011 taking on the role of Label Manager at S35 Records, His release ‘Crystal Clear’ in April 2011 was well received. Also an artist on Ex Libertine – Gary Powell’s 25 Hour Convience Store label where he will release original tracks and remix other labelmates tracks.

2012 brought lots of studio time to help tighten and hone his production skills and sounds, so launching Blue Panda Records seemed like the next logical step.

Lee Wraith – August 2013 Mix.

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